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Be your own boss

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Unlimited Earnings

Make new friends

Total flexibility

Financial freedom

No staff/stock

Residual income

No expensive premises

After jointly serving 36 years with the NatWest Bank, Fay and I found ourselves stuck in the “rat race.”

We had been led to believe, like most people, that a job gave you a secure future but we felt that our life and future were totally under someone else’s control.

Having worked for the bank for 13 years, I couldn’t face the reality of working for someone else until retirement. I also realised that my income on reaching retirement would not be sufficient to support the lifestyle I currently enjoyed, and that was a sobering thought.

We asked ourselves if there was a way we could earn what we were worth, rather than someone else deciding our salary for us, but still have a stress free lifestyle to go with it.

Life doesn’t get much better. This truly is a reward for effort and if you are prepared to work hard, the rewards available in both monetary and lifestyle terms are more than you could ever dream of.

So, if you are serious about owning your life, or want a change of direction in your career, or simply want that little bit extra income, look no further.

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